Health Care

WhoWeAre_icons-05The American South and Israel are two of the leading regions in the world for manufacturing medical devices and developing innovative health care solutions. Companies of all stripes are hard at work developing news business models, products and technology to provide high-quality health care at low cost. Most medical products and services are part of a larger system or platform where wireless tools are rapidly developing, and connectivity and interoperability have become an integral part of health care systems.

Today, the healthcare industry is facing new opportunities and challenges, including the risk of cyber attacks.. By linking systems and medical devices to the Internet, adopting electronic health records and implementing regulatory reforms, the industry is improving healthcare for all of us; but the changes are also creating a health IT environment fraught with security challenges.

While attacks on the healthcare industry aren’t as high-profile as those experienced by the financial services and energy sectors, security experts say cybercriminals have increased their assaults on critical medical systems to steal valuable patient data.

At the Forum, industry leaders, government officials, and researchers from the U.S. and Israel will meet to discuss how changes in cybersecurity and technology are affecting the health care industry. Innovation and investment begins by sharing new ideas, promoting novel technologies, and working together on strategies to enhance and protect health systems.

Join us for discussions on the changing regulatory environment affecting the health care industry and the impact of cutting edge developments software and devices on the market and what companies in Israel and the American South are doing to stay ahead of the curve.

Attendees will be given the opportunity to work closely with thought leaders to share ideas, experiences and strategies, while working towards a common goal of promoting partnership opportunities in the medical devices industry between Israel and the American South.