Israel and the American South Initiative

Emblem_of_IsraelIn partnership with the Government of Israel, the law firm of Baker Donelson presents the Israel and American South Initiative,  a series of forums and dialogue programs with Israel and the American South will be held to strengthen ties between Israel and seven Southern U.S. states. The goal is to bolster bilateral trade and investment opportunities and facilitate collaboration among regulatory bodies, multinational corporations, small-and-midsized enterprises (SMEs), industry associations, colleges and universities, think tanks and nonprofit organizations. The forums on Israel and the American South will focus on collaboration in industry sectors such as technology, energy, advanced manufacturing, health care and logistics – and will address challenges in trade and investment policy as well as technological innovation and disruption.

The Israel and the American South Initiative, through forums, achieves these goals by bringing together lawmakers, regulators, business leaders, investors, and researchers from Israel, Washington, D.C. and the American South.   Companies and institutions from Israel and the American South will discover new partners, craft strategies for collective action, and ensure they remain informed of upcoming challenges in the political and regulatory environments in which they operate.

Who should attend forums?

Israel_US_2015The forums in the initiative are open to governments (operating through representatives of specific departments and agencies), corporations, industry associations, think tanks and universities, investors and individuals involved in technology, energy, advanced manufacturing, health care and logistics.

The first forum within the Israel and the American South Initiative was Securing Your Future: Staying Ahead of Developments in Cybersecurity and its Impact on Technology, Advanced Manufacturing, Logistics, Health Care and Energy, held in Atlanta, Georgia on August 20-21, 2015. Click here to learn more, or visit the event website at

Industry Sectors

Follow the links to learn more about industry sectors of focus: